Families seemed to find the fact that workers were willing to come and experience for themselves what was happening in the family particularly valuable. If you’ve got someone with children who’ve got behavioural problems you’re not going to see them if you bring them along to the office. You need to see them in their own environment. NCH were dealing with the situation when it arose. There was always someone who would come over, if only to talk to us.

When I’ve been reporting her missing and been panicking, where is she, what is she doing and all. I mean Kate has rung up and said how are you, is she back. Parents were asked whether there was an aspect of the services that they had received that they had found helpful or that they thought could have been done better. In an ideal world it would be the same intense help but over a longer period time. I know that’s almost impossible but it would have been nice to have had instead of six weeks.

It was very difficult to remember what you said the last week you saw each other and also because of such a big gap. Things were happening which would totally have gone out of my mind but which would disturb me, like, another day. There were some concerns from parents and from project staff about the impact on siblings of the befriending service offered to young people. If one of the children, you know the one that is causing the problem at home, so we get involved. View More : Valuations SA

So it is almost looked on by the siblings ‘Oh well if you misbehave you get all these nice people who come and see you and every now and again you might do something nice. I mean we picked that up quite a few years ago because parents were having those concerns. What we have done in the past is actually, on the day’s activities, actually took the siblings with us. Initially we felt that we weren’t being listened to as parents.

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