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The survey found that 43.6 percent of those surveyed were frequent Web users, with 44 percent using the Web 1 to 4 times a day and 37.9 percent using it more often. Online newspapers were popular sites, as was CNN’s online presence. Many Web browsers, the survey discovered, found their way to Internet locations through other Web sites. It noted that the most common Web activity is browsing (78.7 percent) followed by entertainment (64.5 percent) and work (50.9 percent).

“When it came time for Bob Redoutey and his neighbors to start a homeowners association for their 140-home subdivision in Round Rock, Texas, they needed a set of bylaws to get started. So Redoutey sent an e-mail message to an on-line Usenet group that dealt with homeowners associations. “

Within two days, Redoutey learned where he could find a qualified homeowners association lawyer and he discovered that he would have to pay approximately $500 to an attorney to prepare a set of bylaws. While the World Wide Web seems to get most of the attention today, a less glamorous part of the Internet are specialized news groups, which are quickly becoming a popular way for people with similar concerns to get going on the information highway.

In real estate, they are getting free advice on everything from housing discrimination and pets in apartments to new laws on where to put satellite dishes.

A newsgroup is a network of people who generally share a special interest, hobby or profession. They have computers, a modem and a system for receiving and sending e-mail. There are news groups for virtually every special interest in the country including groups for cats, dogs, gardeners, travelers, boaters, swimmers, entrepreneurs, lobbyists and journalists.

Florida State Comptroller Robert F. Milligan today announced the arrest of Lloyd Ray Winburn by investigators from the State Attorney’s Office in Dade County for felony violations of Florida securities law including peddling foreign real estate on the Internet.

Windburn also promoted investments in international businesses, foreign real estate, commodities futures, commercial notes, offshore trusts and other products which he advertised in the Miami Herald and on the Internet.

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