www.valsvic.com.au is helpful for calculating house price. ”They may only need blood drawn once a month, but that qualifies them for an aide who might come in every week to do exercise programs, help them bathe, make a meal for them.” Frustrated by a consultant’s performance in assembling a relocation plan for 202 families in public housing, the Housing Authority of Newport is braced to spend an additional $100,000 or more to get the job done.

Small technology or real estate firms that have made progress on the Web may be a mark for these equity investors. Already, Rent Net was bought out by CUC International.

But in the end it may be like the Gold Rush, when the number of prospectors who lost everything versus those who hit it big was 1,000 to 1. But, the real money during the Gold Rush was made by the suppliers to the prospectors.

At a subscription fee of $49 per month, subscribers receive rights to reprint hundreds of articles on home buying, home selling, investing, commercial transactions, real estate market reports, technology, legislation and public policy.

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Articles with Inman News Features bylines are available for reprint in print publications only. This new real estate news service also offers content packages for Web sites — both Internet and Intranet — that want branded current and constantly-changing content on their home pages.

AT&T Ventures has teamed up with investment banking firm Goldman Sachs in the rush to localize the Web with its new “City Search” site. The telephone giant’s new venture is dubbed Search, Inc.

The venture is buying up local community content to fill up the site. This week, Search announced that it had purchased Metro beat, an on-line community information service for the New York area.

So far, the real estate information on the two community sites is sparse. It includes a few real estate service listings such as mortgage brokers, new home subdivisions and real estate agents. There are few real estate firms that have ties to their Web pages.

Search representatives have been contacting local multiple home listing services to add more information about local real estate. Within a few weeks of opening his new Web site, http://www.suncities.com, owner Donald S. Teel got a taste of corporate legal determination. And the Internet got another interesting case on trademark rights versus domain name rights.

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