The department also is attempting to find community colleges and other sites where the public may access the site. A spokesman for the department said, however, that it unlikely that a print version of the Bulletin will ever again be widely distributed. The funding for the Bulletin has been reallocated, he said.

Visiting the Cyber homes home listing site is like the old documentary film snippet in which the camera starts with a picture of earth and zooms down to a budding flower in the hand of a little boy. When you open the Cyber homes home page, you start with a map of the world and then you can zoom down to the street in the neighborhood where you are looking for a house. Quietly developing its technology and its listing base.

Cyber homes, a division of Moore Data Management Services, has produced one of the most powerful home listing engines on the World Wide Web.

Real estate is location, location, location, so what could be more important than maps to this on-line movement, said Ted Tanami, principal, Real Estate Communications, who has been pioneering maps and real estate on the Web.

With the latest geo-coded maps, the service claims to be “the only national online real estate search service with interactive, street-level mapping Determine Property value Introduced in February, the site is not truly a national listing service but it is making gains.

The listings currently available are in the Chicago, Illinois, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Greater Hudson Valley, New York, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Providence, Rhode Island, Grand Junction, Colorado, Corpus Christi, Texas, Prescott & Sedona, Arizona, Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. These listings are updated on a daily basis, so you always know what homes are on the market.

“The next round of enhancements will include additional map overlays such as schools and real estate broker offices,” said Moore’s vice president Howard Latham. While Cyber homes have an edge with its maps, it won’t be for long. Getting inexpensive mapping tools for web sites is becoming easy.

Vicinity Corp., which specializes in map programs on the Web, is already offering low-cost models. Tomorrow: Integrating content with home listings.

DALLAS — Although mostly unseen by the homebuyer, there is a back office revolution underway in the handling of the mounds of real estate paperwork.

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