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    Securities regulators in Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, California, the District of Columbia and Missouri have previously cited Windburn for violations of their respective state laws. The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission also has a civil action pending against Windburn for fraud and unregistered sale of securities involving his operation of two offshore companies Property valuation controls Banner Fund International and Swiss Trade and Commerce.

    The project will involve eight lenders from around the country (including current Loan Prospector users and new users), a housing finance agency and a non-profit agency. As many as 6,000 loans are expected to be involved in the project.

    Armed with video projectors and personal computers, the burgeoning online banking industry goes to Capitol Hill today to give Congress a taste of electronic checking, mortgages by modem and other futuristic banking practices.

    Bank executives from around the country will demonstrate current online banking technology to the U.S. House Subcommittee on Capital Markets this afternoon. The executives are appearing under the auspices of the Online Banking Association, a six-month-old trade group based in Corte Madera, Calif.. The group was asked by subcommittee chairman Richard Baker, R-Louisiana, to prepare the presentations as the committee studies new regulations for new banking technology, said James Shelton, the association’s executive director.

    New developments in high-speed, broad-band access to the Internet are driving financial institutions fast and furiously into electronic banking, Shelton said. While home-based banking has been around for more than a decade, it has been available only through private computer networks, Shelton said. As more consumers sign on to the Internet, however, most financial institutions predict an increase in electronic-banking demands.

    Thursday’s presenters will be Brent Robinson, senior vice president of VISA Interactive; Gary Oakland, chief executive officer of the Boeing Employees Credit Union, which offers extensive online services; Bruce Lucked, director of alternative delivery from Bank One, and Dick Roe, president of Roe Communications.

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    The best property valuer Only that property will call as best property valuer who has license and experience to manage all the required steps then he will complete the process perfectly. Barker also pointed out that, “RIN’s efforts to maintain a closed system prevented it from really addressing either of these goals; consequently, we have seen hundreds of alternative solutions gain some degree of acceptance despite the substantial advantages RIN held, both in funding and access to decision-makers at major boards of Realtors.

    Though NAR made an unprecedented investment, the RIN balance sheet is not too different from most Web ventures in its mismatch between costs and revenue. For many companies, the revenue picture is still very hazy, even though there are high hopes for big dollars in most budget predictions Just one year ago, early real estate Webmasters and service providers were charging real estate agents as much as $50 a month per home listing on the Web.

    Today, many services are offering to put listings up for nothing. Everyone is cutting prices and most people in this business are not making any money,” said Gabe Gross, founder of Bay Net, which was one of the early pioneers of real estate on the Web. “Most people thought that there was gold at the end of the tunnel, but it was so technologically simple that everyone with a modem could get into the real estate listing business.

    He said that one significant change in the home listing business was the entry of the trade associations. They got into the business and had unlimited funding, so they could cut prices, because it was cool for them to have a Web site with listings,” said Gross.

    Most real estate information providers have chosen to give access to their content at no charge to the public. The home buyer or seller will pay little if anything for access to the various real estate services or venders,” said Gilbert Barnes, CEO of Data Track Systems, Inc. In fact, the consumer may get it cheaper on the Internet.

    According to the Ad Council, an estimated $150 billion is spent on all types of advertising but only $75 million was spent on advertising on the World Wide Web last year. While that number is expected to explode in the coming years, will it be enough to capitalize all of the profit-making ventures For real estate companies who are making investments on the Web, the revenue will flow from real loans and real transactions.

    We get more eyeballs from our home listings on-line than all of the newspapers combined,” said Larry Knapp, President, Coldwell Banker Northern California, Danville, Calif. “For us, the commerce formula is simple. It is like classified advertising. But on-line we are getting real leads from around the world and the audience is growing.

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    Century 21 is putting the final pieces on a nationwide on-line “communities” real estate site that will link to its realty broker offices on the WEB from American on Line with mounds of local community content, Inman News Features has learned. To be unveiled on August 16, the company is tying up content for the AOL public site.

    Generating an estimated 150,000 hits a day, the site is a directory of community content for 1,700 cities including school information, business, government statistics and other information. The site is owned by Blake & Associates and was started two years ago.

    If something not permitted by current zoning is planned, it would have to go before the Campbell County and Municipal Planning Commission. But the planning commission hasn’t seen any proposals for the property, either. Certified property valuers are helping you in building analysis and valuation report of the real estate residential or commercial properties from Microsoft’s foray into this area is dubbed City Scape, AOL’s is Digital City and AT&T is backing its City Search venture.

    The business model here is that everyone wants to find out instantly how long the commute is, where the school is, what the test scores are and what the quickest way to the hospital is,” said Ted Tagami, principal, Real Estate Communications. “Then commercial services will be integrated with these information needs.

    The Arizona Department of Real Estate has found itself embroiled in a controversy over its decision to only make its Arizona Real Estate Bulletin available on its Web site, discontinuing the printed version that is mailed to the state’s 41,000 active and inactive licensees.

    In an attempt at compromise, the department said today (Wednesday, July 17) that paper versions of the three-times per year Bulletin would be sent to the state’s 55 accredited real estate schools. A spokesman also said the department was looking into sending printed versions to the state’s public libraries.

    The department elected to post information only on its Web site in an effort to save roughly $43,000 per year. The Arizona Association of Realtors, which is meeting with department officials Friday, has pledged to download the Bulletin and make it available to members on the association’s fax-back system.

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    In May, Phoenix-based home builder Del Webb Corp. filed suit in United States District Court of Arizona, alleging Teel infringed Del Webb’s copyright. Earlier this month, the court issued a temporary restraining order forcing Teel to stop using the “” World Wide domain name; to stop using any variation of Sun City on “icons, page headings, trademark, service mark or trade name”; to stop registering the name with any Internet search engines; and to stop linking to Del Webb sites.

    The certified property valuation company has extensive experience in real estate valuation services In late April before the lawsuit, a cease-and-desist letter from Del Webb attorneys was sent to Teel and the NSI, which registers domain names on the Internet. Teel then wrote NSI and received a response that he claims went along with his argument that he was entitled to keep the domain name.

    Teel claims he tried to cooperate with Del Webb and he claims he didn’t interfere with the Del Webb mission of building Sun City communities. He alleges that Del Webb is “attempting to bury me financially in an avalanche of attorney’s fees.”

    In the brief history of real estate on the World Wide Web, a certain amount of innovation and progress has been in check because of a waiting game to see where exactly the National Association of Realtors and its Realtor Information Network project would sit.

    Now that it is becoming more clear that there will not be a natural king maker (see NAR directors have two choices for RIN: fund or tank) such as RIN driving real estate on the Web, it is worth looking to the future. How are the different players progressing? Which mergers and joint ventures might occur and what is on the horizon from new faces and new companies.

    For starters, will there be a leadership void with NAR in a more crippled and humble posture?

    “I think the ‘void’ consists of two components — first, giving all agents ready access to a easy-to-use, low-cost and high-quality way to take advantage of the largest possible audience of prospective home buyers who are already searching the Web, and second, giving both agents and home buyers the ability to easily search all potentially relevant listings,” said Geoff Barker, CEO of Home Scout, the home listing search engine based in Seattle.