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    Stockton’s report stated that the new revenue can go toward matches for grants or financing an $8-million to $10-million bond issue.The new residential and commercial rates are $2.25 per 1,000 gallons.Industrial rates are $2.05 per 1,000 gallons.The availability charge will be $6 for most apartments; $3.50 for single family dwellings; $8.50 to $50 for commercial, based on size; and $50 to $150 for industrial, also based on size.New residential construction will pay $500 per lot impact fees.Apartment complexes will pay $500 per unit plus $1,000 for each onsite laundry area and $250 for an office.

    Commercial and industrial will pay $4,000 per gross acre.Those who remodel or build additions will pay $50 for each new plumbing fixture.According to the Valuations SA ordinance, the council can waive any fees on projects.The problem is, we have had no money to work with developers on expanding sewer, Stockton said.With the new revenue, we can.Leave feedbackon this oranotherstory.Christmas break was shorter than usual for the Brookhaven Middle School staff because teachers felt they didn’t want to waste time.

    Inspired from a book study of Samuel Casey Carter’s No Excuses, the staff ditched the sixth-grade schedule in the middle of the school year in an effort to boost scores when the students take the Stanford Achievement Test, 10th edition, this spring.The schedule of taking five different subjects a day is history for most students.For springsemester, 230 of the 290 sixth-graders will be taking two math and two reading classes each day, while alternating days between social studies and science.

    The Brookhaven staff is trying to reverse a downward spiral that saw the school’s seventh-grade scores last year on the SAT-10 drop to the 40th-percentile — a point away from being on the state’s watch list.Based on test results and information teacher Scott Hale compiled daily during the fall semester, the Brookhaven students’ weakest subjects are in math and reading.It’s a drastic change because we felt like we had to be drastic because our scores are so low,

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    In May, Phoenix-based home builder Del Webb Corp. filed suit in United States District Court of Arizona, alleging Teel infringed Del Webb’s copyright. Earlier this month, the court issued a temporary restraining order forcing Teel to stop using the “” World Wide domain name; to stop using any variation of Sun City on “icons, page headings, trademark, service mark or trade name”; to stop registering the name with any Internet search engines; and to stop linking to Del Webb sites.

    The certified property valuation company has extensive experience in real estate valuation services In late April before the lawsuit, a cease-and-desist letter from Del Webb attorneys was sent to Teel and the NSI, which registers domain names on the Internet. Teel then wrote NSI and received a response that he claims went along with his argument that he was entitled to keep the domain name.

    Teel claims he tried to cooperate with Del Webb and he claims he didn’t interfere with the Del Webb mission of building Sun City communities. He alleges that Del Webb is “attempting to bury me financially in an avalanche of attorney’s fees.”

    In the brief history of real estate on the World Wide Web, a certain amount of innovation and progress has been in check because of a waiting game to see where exactly the National Association of Realtors and its Realtor Information Network project would sit.

    Now that it is becoming more clear that there will not be a natural king maker (see NAR directors have two choices for RIN: fund or tank) such as RIN driving real estate on the Web, it is worth looking to the future. How are the different players progressing? Which mergers and joint ventures might occur and what is on the horizon from new faces and new companies.

    For starters, will there be a leadership void with NAR in a more crippled and humble posture?

    “I think the ‘void’ consists of two components — first, giving all agents ready access to a easy-to-use, low-cost and high-quality way to take advantage of the largest possible audience of prospective home buyers who are already searching the Web, and second, giving both agents and home buyers the ability to easily search all potentially relevant listings,” said Geoff Barker, CEO of Home Scout, the home listing search engine based in Seattle.

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    The presence of the new Bus Station on The Green and the continuing need for deliveries to local shops and two markets on Back Quay meant that vehicles and pedestrians remained part of the mix. A County Hall meeting, involving John Sanders and Director of Planning Transportation & Estates Richard Fish amongst others, has now received the situation. There is no intention at present to amend vehicle restrictions in the area, or the route that permitted traffic may take, but these measures should reduce the possibility of pedestrian and vehicle conflict by emphasising where walkers and drivers must be extra observant.

    Lemon Quay is set to become a much busier pedestrian area, especially when Marks & Spencer’s new flagship store opens on March 18th. The public in general are not permitted to drive into Green Street or across the Quay, so local drivers must become familiar with that shift of emphasis and observe the new restrictions. We are doing all we can to ensure the restrictions are adequately signed, and that the main vehicle route across the piazza is clear to everyone. We will continue to review traffic movements and safety implications over the next few months.

    Ease of access to public transport is a feature of the new layout, and is in line with sustainable transport considerations. The end result in Truro will not be un-typical of busy town and city centres – both Plymouth and Exeter have ‘pedestrian’ centres with bus and delivery access. Cornwall County Fire Brigade ran a competition during Chip Pan Week asking readers of the West Briton to answer the question ‘What must you NOT extinguish a chip pan fire with. click here for details : Perth Property Valuers

    The occupants, in their eighties, as well as their sixty seven year old neighbour required oxygen therapy at the scene. The neighbour was alerted to the fire because the Tripps had a working smoke alarm, which was immediately activated. The incident could have had devastating results had the smoke alarm not been activated and the neighbour quickly reacted by extinguishing the fire with a damp tea cloth.

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    Inspectors for residential insurance companies and mortgage underwriters will soon be equipped with pen-based laptop computers whose reports can be transmitted to a central computer 24 hours a day.

    First American is one of the nation’s largest companies in property reporting and inspections for mortgage companies, banks and investors. The company, based in Dallas, will provide comprehensive inspections for homeowner policies, including replacement cost calculations and high value dwelling reports.

    With the most sophisticated technology available, such as pen-based laptops, and a national network of full-time field inspectors in place, First American Field Services brings significant added value to the property inspection industry,” said Bayard D. Pore, executive vice president and COO of First American Field Services.

    In addition to electronic ordering and state-of-the-art EDI (electronic data interchange) delivery, First American offers a unique, automated data collection capability, enabling the sorting of inspection data according to user-defined fields, Pore said. how property valuer calculate value of land?

    First American offers a number of services in the home buying processing, including tax services, flood mapping services and mortgage credit reporting.

    The home building market may be cooling off, according to a monthly survey of builders.

    Smart Realtors, brokers and real estate franchisers have figured out that the implosion of the multiple listing services is not a pop trend. The idea of a closely guarded and exclusive homes-for-sale listing service is as dead as the Century 21 gold jacket. Technology is ripping apart the old paradigm and replacing the tired tradition with something that still is not clearly defined.

    Today, MLS services and agents have the option of putting their listings up on multiple electronic platforms:, Listing Link, California Living Network, Cyber homes, Home seekers and Home Scout are just a sample of the popular search engines and MLS providers that are going on-line.

    Regional sites like the Houston Association of Realtors and Florida Living Network with 54,000 listings also are powerful sites. And there are an explosion of newspaper sites with real estate listings, such as the Star Tribune in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and San Diego On-Line, which is sponsored by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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    Not one, but several would be our prediction. And which few is rapidly becoming more clear as the listing business matures. First, only those home sites that have a comprehensive base of home listings will be in the game. Many firms that had great technology misunderstood the problems of getting listings. It is political, it is driven by trade-association turf and there are data conversion problems. Property valuation is dividing for doing valuation of property to get its cost known. For more info:-

    For those that have the listings, the fight is between those who have the best technology, best promotion, best local alliances, best brand and best ancillary content.

    Sophisticated mapping programs like the geo-coding found on Cyber homes gives us a glimpse of that technology edge. Search engines like Home Scout that access multiple databases also offer a clue as do integrated community data that complement the home search like the information found on the California Association of Realtors Living Network.

    Promotion is another important factor. Who has the resources to advertise, conduct a media campaign and keep their http: in front of the public?

    Already, franchise outfits like Coldwell Banker have spent substantial amounts of money on advertising its Internet address, in order to drive traffic to their Web site. Century 21 has been doing cross marketing with its partnership with AOL.

    Also, local alliances with newspapers, such as that between the San Diego Union Tribune and the San Diego Assn. of Realtors and NAR, help drive traffic to the site. Newspapers use in-house promotional space to brand their site.

    Soon, the California Assn. of Realtors will be announcing a similar alliance with the Los Angeles Times.

    But the site is still in its embryonic state. The site promises “one million listings soon” but for now it only includes homes 109 properties in California, 1943 in the Pittsburgh area and 65 in Louisiana.

    The learning curve will take a sharp leap upward at Los Angeles public housing this week when the first of seven state-of-the-art computer learning centers opens at the San Fernando Gardens project Thursday.

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    “It’s really important for kids to know how to use computers because both computers and children are the future,” said 28-year-old Charm eon Smith, a resident of the project who recently landed a job as an assistant at the center. Smith, who hopes to start a computer business Property valuation controls for children some day, is an alumni of the Los Angeles Housing Authority’s job training program.

    Residents will be offered skills training such as personalized General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation, office skills training and ESL support at the centers, each of which will be equipped with a minimum of seven PCs and two printers. The centers also will offer tutorial programs for children in subjects ranging from math and reading to science and computers.

    “We want to give our residents the opportunity to take part in the 21st century,” said Ozie Gonzaque, chairman of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles Board of Commissioners. “These centers meet the needs of children and help train adults in a full multimedia approach.

    Home entertainment isn’t just TV and the stereo anymore, according to the latest Internet-user survey by Georgia Tech University. More than half of all World Wide Web users plug into the Internet from home where most — more than 80 percent — browse for pleasure and more than a third check out the Web instead of watching television at least once a day.

    The fifth such study by Georgia Tech, the copyrighted survey is purported to be the largest overview of Internet activity in the world, this year garnering more than 11,000 responses from the United States and Europe.

    In addition to collecting demographic and lifestyle data, this year’s survey expanded into political and privacy questions.

    It found that Web users are politically active, with more than 92 percent of those surveyed registered to vote and 60 percent voters in the most recent elections in their respective countries. More than 50 percent of World Wide Web users consider themselves moderate or independent liberal voters. Interestingly, more than 40 percent said they had become more politically active since hooking up to the Internet.

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    Century 21 is putting the final pieces on a nationwide on-line “communities” real estate site that will link to its realty broker offices on the WEB from American on Line with mounds of local community content, Inman News Features has learned. To be unveiled on August 16, the company is tying up content for the AOL public site.

    Generating an estimated 150,000 hits a day, the site is a directory of community content for 1,700 cities including school information, business, government statistics and other information. The site is owned by Blake & Associates and was started two years ago.

    If something not permitted by current zoning is planned, it would have to go before the Campbell County and Municipal Planning Commission. But the planning commission hasn’t seen any proposals for the property, either. Certified property valuers are helping you in building analysis and valuation report of the real estate residential or commercial properties from Microsoft’s foray into this area is dubbed City Scape, AOL’s is Digital City and AT&T is backing its City Search venture.

    The business model here is that everyone wants to find out instantly how long the commute is, where the school is, what the test scores are and what the quickest way to the hospital is,” said Ted Tagami, principal, Real Estate Communications. “Then commercial services will be integrated with these information needs.

    The Arizona Department of Real Estate has found itself embroiled in a controversy over its decision to only make its Arizona Real Estate Bulletin available on its Web site, discontinuing the printed version that is mailed to the state’s 41,000 active and inactive licensees.

    In an attempt at compromise, the department said today (Wednesday, July 17) that paper versions of the three-times per year Bulletin would be sent to the state’s 55 accredited real estate schools. A spokesman also said the department was looking into sending printed versions to the state’s public libraries.

    The department elected to post information only on its Web site in an effort to save roughly $43,000 per year. The Arizona Association of Realtors, which is meeting with department officials Friday, has pledged to download the Bulletin and make it available to members on the association’s fax-back system.