counter don’t take into consideration all the factors and I want to make sure that you’ll have all the things that you want to take into consideration bar counter for that we’re getting the actual return on investment the you’re expecting on the Zealand for those you all who know how to run these numbers or you may not necessarily want to know all the specific detail.

son this very next slide that I’m going to go through with you all I’m gonna go to our school tonight initially a summary of what I want convertor this entire training um but at teethe towards the end that slide on the bottom portion over I’ll give a link a property and houses to all the property and also store that I use to plug in all my numbers and it spits out my maximum.

offer that I should put all that cash will be or and also prone to natural bonus were give you my analysis tool for going in analyzing a flip so something more by fix and resell the OK without further ado let’s get right into evaluating rental properties and first things first you need to know the rates for your target market this is one of the key things that you’ll need anon order to make money on a rental property you need to have rate coming info you need to know exactly.

what that rate is to the to the penny to know what you’re going Property Valuation to get on the bottom what basis from that proper that you’re about to purchase along with the expenses for your target market and we go through all the different expenses then summer these expenses very up based on the market that you’re into wanna make sure you understand that as well scorcher understand the calculator this is where it gets really really really boring when we get into all the numbers in how I use a mortgage calculator to figure out where we’re at and that’s why I’m going to give you a shameless plug to use my cheat sheet or my analysis tool you can get your free analysis store analyze my ideal too lat the website.

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