Month: August 2017

  • Why valuation Is The Only Skill You Really Need

    I suspect there will still be some growth in the Sydney market.Certainly in the good pockets and those are going to scarce our assets, those townhouses,villas property on its own title, those types of places. I think we will still see some positive numbers.Bryce Hold away Probably not just expect that double-digit growth that they’ve gotten used to.Ben Kingston Yeah. Not in the last two years anyway.welcome to the property couch where each week you get to listen to two of Australia’s leading poverty experts as they share with you the insiders guide to property investing all right folks we’re on the property catch your insiders guide to property investing on Bryce Holloway co-host of location location location.

    Australia on Valuations SA Fox tel’ lifestyle channel and he’s Ben Kingsley chair of the property investment professionals of Australia and the property investment adviser of the year LM a German hey girl very very well just once again with a laughing stock of inter national commentary around the fact that we can’t get a sitting Prime Minister to fulfill a sitting term or we’re catching up with Japan and Italy that’s what we’re doing you know it’so obviously a competition to see how many Prime Minister’s you can have in a short period of time  in  I’ve been fun that’s very possible do you have a view from UFOs perspective on what impact that might have for the property market with you temple at the help I good I’ve got a couple of journalists am asking some questions in terms of what does that mean for the industry it’s obviously too early to make a big gallon what’s going on we like the fact that you know he believes in an open and free market that’s always a good sign and you let.

    The market makers and do what it needs to do and educating people around that so so we like to think that the Liberal Party will hold firm on their views are negative gearing which is you know basically they’re off the table inter ms of any reviews which is who’s going to be pleasing and the fact that you know he’s obviously been able to beery successful in his own personal life in terms of you know building wealth fries household we think that’s a good step because from our point of view and why we do.