Month: September 2015

  • What are the principles required in valuation?

    Stockton’s report stated that the new revenue can go toward matches for grants or financing an $8-million to $10-million bond issue.The new residential and commercial rates are $2.25 per 1,000 gallons.Industrial rates are $2.05 per 1,000 gallons.The availability charge will be $6 for most apartments; $3.50 for single family dwellings; $8.50 to $50 for commercial, based on size; and $50 to $150 for industrial, also based on size.New residential construction will pay $500 per lot impact fees.Apartment complexes will pay $500 per unit plus $1,000 for each onsite laundry area and $250 for an office.

    Commercial and industrial will pay $4,000 per gross acre.Those who remodel or build additions will pay $50 for each new plumbing fixture.According to the Valuations SA ordinance, the council can waive any fees on projects.The problem is, we have had no money to work with developers on expanding sewer, Stockton said.With the new revenue, we can.Leave feedbackon this oranotherstory.Christmas break was shorter than usual for the Brookhaven Middle School staff because teachers felt they didn’t want to waste time.

    Inspired from a book study of Samuel Casey Carter’s No Excuses, the staff ditched the sixth-grade schedule in the middle of the school year in an effort to boost scores when the students take the Stanford Achievement Test, 10th edition, this spring.The schedule of taking five different subjects a day is history for most students.For springsemester, 230 of the 290 sixth-graders will be taking two math and two reading classes each day, while alternating days between social studies and science.

    The Brookhaven staff is trying to reverse a downward spiral that saw the school’s seventh-grade scores last year on the SAT-10 drop to the 40th-percentile — a point away from being on the state’s watch list.Based on test results and information teacher Scott Hale compiled daily during the fall semester, the Brookhaven students’ weakest subjects are in math and reading.It’s a drastic change because we felt like we had to be drastic because our scores are so low,