Month: June 2015

  • Why you are required to always make connection with the experienced valuer?

    The presence of the new Bus Station on The Green and the continuing need for deliveries to local shops and two markets on Back Quay meant that vehicles and pedestrians remained part of the mix. A County Hall meeting, involving John Sanders and Director of Planning Transportation & Estates Richard Fish amongst others, has now received the situation. There is no intention at present to amend vehicle restrictions in the area, or the route that permitted traffic may take, but these measures should reduce the possibility of pedestrian and vehicle conflict by emphasising where walkers and drivers must be extra observant.

    Lemon Quay is set to become a much busier pedestrian area, especially when Marks & Spencer’s new flagship store opens on March 18th. The public in general are not permitted to drive into Green Street or across the Quay, so local drivers must become familiar with that shift of emphasis and observe the new restrictions. We are doing all we can to ensure the restrictions are adequately signed, and that the main vehicle route across the piazza is clear to everyone. We will continue to review traffic movements and safety implications over the next few months.

    Ease of access to public transport is a feature of the new layout, and is in line with sustainable transport considerations. The end result in Truro will not be un-typical of busy town and city centres – both Plymouth and Exeter have ‘pedestrian’ centres with bus and delivery access. Cornwall County Fire Brigade ran a competition during Chip Pan Week asking readers of the West Briton to answer the question ‘What must you NOT extinguish a chip pan fire with. click here for details : Perth Property Valuers

    The occupants, in their eighties, as well as their sixty seven year old neighbour required oxygen therapy at the scene. The neighbour was alerted to the fire because the Tripps had a working smoke alarm, which was immediately activated. The incident could have had devastating results had the smoke alarm not been activated and the neighbour quickly reacted by extinguishing the fire with a damp tea cloth.

  • The Death Of property valuations And How To Avoid It

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