our house is gone them pot I’ll that’s what you do so I’ll oh no that’s what you want that’s what I do for a living we have our own great question unlock calling because I have a buyer it so I let them know that I’m not Singing not so I have our own reality I don’t want it lasso I’m gonna say so about that is that but alleged only get.

to the bottom wherewithal you meet with a personae holder why should a list with you in curious what you got it you know you don’t understand it better bigger this are if you get black so I’m and I i told you I i beginning here where the whites on mindset understanding personal the others you got it all mindset if they don’t hire you they’re making a huge mistake here’s why so we ask you i mustache issues questions where do most motivated qualified buyers go to find a house now here’s a reality anymore it is in a very little bit your be out but blast goods already I’ll buyers work within a that they may.

not let a trillionth may not start by with HIV you know abuzz over a year I don’t know ninety percent of buyers actually get their whole search on the Internet a why well your Windows Update with a start Valuations OLD what a shot when they get ready by house how many on actual use an agent well here’s the actual statistic in a narcissistic was that ninety week percent ninety week percent I’ll all buyer sin real estate in the United they fall asleep that ninety percent had a buyer they’ve never had a major working with them and they may have it working also littlest eight-minute delay general area partners a but the reality is that well over ninety percent all wires were with an agent now where do agents fine properties for buyers I know the MKS wherever however they do it that where they I it’s a big about it this waif I was I’ll I want to sell my house only get.

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