imagined when we go on a listing appointment are we’re talking something open house how impressed they will be but more importantly how impressed we are internally that we know the stuff so that we don’t we don’t have to bowl of or wonder are you know that’s not a good feeling you what if you’re going the a value.

somebody land deal value and that you’re going to be a value somebody Israel says agent information is the value you and offer them so I’ll was serving somebody I want them to know every property that affected my ability and I would look for the nation’s who a I liked NP movie well all informational I’m not sure some well just on that same line it’s amazing how often when you know something happen each opportunities you have to share as you learned about us and there’s.

their opportunity just arise because you know about the properties Brisbane Property Valuations you they’re all you have different you know watt to talk about it an opportunity arise because you put the effort yeah relationship between playing the effort and opportunities arising and adjusting to bless us more week more time he’s been doing it the rockers we have to share information yeah all right Jeff you get the last word because the you came late is there anyone marked a new bike share.

would just like to share challenge yeah and then and the challenge that I have been and maybe some other folks have a is that if you are kind of work in a bit any system you know business by referral you may tend to attract listing opportunities that are on the other.

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