Inspectors for residential insurance companies and mortgage underwriters will soon be equipped with pen-based laptop computers whose reports can be transmitted to a central computer 24 hours a day.

First American is one of the nation’s largest companies in property reporting and inspections for mortgage companies, banks and investors. The company, based in Dallas, will provide comprehensive inspections for homeowner policies, including replacement cost calculations and high value dwelling reports.

With the most sophisticated technology available, such as pen-based laptops, and a national network of full-time field inspectors in place, First American Field Services brings significant added value to the property inspection industry,” said Bayard D. Pore, executive vice president and COO of First American Field Services.

In addition to electronic ordering and state-of-the-art EDI (electronic data interchange) delivery, First American offers a unique, automated data collection capability, enabling the sorting of inspection data according to user-defined fields, Pore said. how property valuer calculate value of land?

First American offers a number of services in the home buying processing, including tax services, flood mapping services and mortgage credit reporting.

The home building market may be cooling off, according to a monthly survey of builders.

Smart Realtors, brokers and real estate franchisers have figured out that the implosion of the multiple listing services is not a pop trend. The idea of a closely guarded and exclusive homes-for-sale listing service is as dead as the Century 21 gold jacket. Technology is ripping apart the old paradigm and replacing the tired tradition with something that still is not clearly defined.

Today, MLS services and agents have the option of putting their listings up on multiple electronic platforms:, Listing Link, California Living Network, Cyber homes, Home seekers and Home Scout are just a sample of the popular search engines and MLS providers that are going on-line.

Regional sites like the Houston Association of Realtors and Florida Living Network with 54,000 listings also are powerful sites. And there are an explosion of newspaper sites with real estate listings, such as the Star Tribune in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and San Diego On-Line, which is sponsored by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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